Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon were shown off during Nintendo’s Treehouse event at E3. The two games will be available for the Nintendeo 3DS system on November 18. 

They went over the three starter pokemon in Rowlet, Litten and Popplio. The starter pokemon will have a color to them in relation to their elemental property. i.e. green will be grass, blue, like Popplio, are a water type. 



Your starters Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio (from left to right)

The game will take place in the Alola Region which is comprised of four natural, tropical islands and one man-made island in the center. They said that the new main characters were designed in such a way to reflect living and interacting with the tropical environment.  The trainers are also designed to have a more realistic depiction on the screen, especially in battles where full 3D models are shown in the battle itself, giving off a scale of comparison to the pokemon themselves.  The trainers also have their own unique reactions from the way they throw their pokeballs to the emotions and reactions when they lose a match.


Alola Region

The Pokedex was revised to encourage players to “Catch ’em All.” There is a white pokeball now in the pokedex next to a pokemon which will indicate an evolution or that they can be paired with it. 

The controls of the game will have full analog movement within the 3D environment, giving players even more control over exploration and navigation.  Another new feature is a letterbox shadow that appears on the screen as you are running around. This indicates that another trainer is nearby and that they are looking to challenge you to a match.  Simply walk up to them and initiate a chat to start the battle. 


A new mode has been revealed which is the Battle Royal mode.  In this mode, up to four players can participate with each player selecting upwards to three pokemon for their team.  The battle royal ends when one trainer loses all of their pokemon. At the end of the battle, the winner is determined by who had the most eliminations AND who has the most pokemon remaining. The player with the highest total of both will be declared the winner. There is also a 60 minute time limit on the battle.


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