New Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Trailer Coming Tomorrow

Square Enix has just announced over on their Kingdom Hearts Twitter feed that a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 2.8, will be released tomorrow (June 8, 2016).  Apparently the only way that you’ll be able to find out the link to the trailer is by heading back to their Kingdom Hearts Twitter feed. According to Tetsuya Nomura, the trailer will feature new material that hasn’t been seen yet. For those wondering who exactly is Tetsuya Nomura, he is a designer and director who just happens to be directing both the Final Fantasy VII remake, as well as Kingdom Hearts 3.

This trailer release comes ahead of the E3 2016 reveal when the embargo on Kingdom Hearts 2.8 will officially be dropped and the floodgates opened.

I wonder if that trailer is also going to announce the actual release date for Kingdom Hearts 2.8!