New Details for Nioh Released at E3

Last year at E3, we got a glimpse at the upcoming exclusive Playstation 4 action role playing game Nioh from Koei-Tecmo. This year, the company released a brand new trailer for the game. While the trailer is a bit on the short side, the video gives us a good indication of the game’s story, some of the locations that we will see in the game, and a few cut scenes which look to feature a handful of secondary characters.

The game is not short on action; however, as we see the main character, William, dealing with numerous amounts of enemies. 

There was a leaked release date of October 28 on Amazon’s page, but that has since been removed.  A beta demo of Nioh will be available to play on Playstation Network in August of this year. Koei Tecmo said it will contain “more high-intensity combat, new weapons, never before seen characters, deadlier enemies and a whole lot of challenging gameplay.” An alpha test was held last month in April and games got a glimpse of just how hard and punishing the game could be, but what would expect from the developers of Ninja Gaiden?


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Official E3 Nioh Trailer

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