Looks like the rumors of the Xbox One Project Scorpio were right on the money, as Microsoft has officially announced the existence of the system. Announced alongside the Xbox One S, Project Scorpio is the next step in Xbox gaming and will be what Microsoft claims to be the most powerful gaming console, in existence. And if the hardware specs are to be believed, they may just be right as Project Scorpio will be sporting an 8-core CPU, 6 Teraflops of computing power and 320 GB’s of memory bandwidth. To put that in perspective, this puts the system just under Nvidia’s recently released GTX 1080, which features 320GB’s of memory bandwidth and 9 Teraflops.


Phil Spencer was also eager to point out that regardless if you’re on the original Xbox One, Xbox One S or the upcoming Project Scorpio, no gamer will be left behind as all titles will be playable on across all systems. This also includes controllers and other peripherals. There was no mention regarding the Kinect or if it will feature a dedicated Kinect, unlike the announced Xbox One S.

Resolution won’t be an issue anymore either, something that many Xbox One owners are painfully aware of now, as every game will run at the maximum resolution, all of the time. Speaking about VR, Microsoft also reported that they are working with Oculus to bring Virtual Reality over to the Xbox One, however, they don’t have anything concrete to mention about that just yet.

Many speculated that Microsoft would not be or wasn’t ready to show off anything about the system just yet, but we all agreed that we’d hear something about it during E3 2016. I really didn’t expect Microsoft to proceed with showing their hand just yet, especially since Sony had already stated that they would not be showing off the recently confirmed PlayStation 4  Neo during E3 2016. Still I’m pretty excited to see what Microsoft can do with this second chance, especially due to all the criticism the current Xbox One is getting due to it lack of performance when compared against its rival, the PlayStation 4.

There is currently no release date announced for Project Scorpio, but it is expected to launch in the late fall of 2017.

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