Jay Wilson Announces He Is Leaving Blizzard Entertainment

Jay Wilson, the former lead developer for Diablo III and a developer for World of Warcraft, has announced via Twitter that he is leaving Blizzard Entertainment.  Wilson has not endeared to a chunk of Blizzard’s fan base due to unprofessional behavior in 2013 when he insulted the fans and a Diablo II designer with vulgar language. Wilson resigned from his position at Blizzard in 2013, much to the joy of many. In 2014, he joined the World of Warcraft development team and has been there ever since.

The following tweets were sent out by Jay Wilson himself:

Whether you supported Jay Wilson or wished to see this day come, he did bring us some memorable experiences across two of Blizzard’s most popular franchises.  We at The Outerhaven wish him the best of luck in all of his future endeavors.

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