Inappropriate Gaming Is Appropriately Named

The aptly named Inappropriate Gaming is a tabletop game creator, and the name is more fitting than you may initially think. For example, the best game they have is titled America’s Next Top Pimp, a game where you play “ho cards” in order to be the pimp who controls the most territories. So yeah, not for everyone, and certainly not a game to play with your kids.

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America’s Next Top Pimp is basically a card game, although it does have a small game board to keep track of who’s controlling which territory. The goal of the game is to control as many territories as possible—winning requires controlling three adjacent territories or a total of five territories—and you take over the territories by employing “hoes”. Each ho has a value assigned to her, and whoever has the most value of hoes at the end of a round wins the territory.

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If that isn’t inappropriate enough for you, there are also drugs—lots of drugs. If a rival player is putting better hoes than you on the street, outselling you and threatening to take over the territory, you can lower her value by playing a “crack card” on her. Alternately, if you have a low value ho you’d like to improve, just reach in your “pimp hand” (get it?) and play a “coke” card on her, you know, class her up a bit. I’ve never written “ho” this many times before.


The art on the cards can be a little hit or miss sometimes, but honestly, I think that’s kind of appropriate. This isn’t a game to take too seriously, and it’s pretty self-aware. The cards are funny though, like the “douchebag card” you play when you think you have the most points and you want to end the round. When I was playing America’s Next Top Pimp with the creator of Inappropriate Gaming at Origins Game Fair (and winning!), he told me to look out for the “douchebag card” because it will end the round. I asked what it looked like and he said, “It looks like Justin Bieber.”


You can check out more Inappropriate Gaming products, like Shootin’ Blanks, here.

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