EA Originals Announces Fe at E3

At the EA Play conference at this year’s E3, Electronic Arts’ Originals publishing division has announced a new game called Fe. They said that Fe was able to be created in thanks to Originals experience with Unravel. EA Originals is a program that brings innovative experiences to players. Through this project, the company will be supporting small developers and will seek out games to back every year. Studios will be helped with development, marketing, publishing, funding, and will be given security. In fact, all profits will go back to the developers to allow them to grow. 

Brought to us by Sweden-based Zoink, Fe is all about our personal narrative, our relationship with nature. You wake up in a strange forest with no idea of who you are or how you got there. Every creature, animal and even plants around you are somehow connected through a unique song. Learning each song takes you to a new part of the forest where you will also meet bad guys, the Silent, who have terrible purpose.

They went on to describe Fe is full of discovery and conflict. They made it clear that they do not wish to hold your hand as the game won’t tell you where to go, what to do or how to think. Everyone will have their own personal experience that’ll leave them scared, amazed and delighted.

Official trailer for Fe