E3 Tomb Raider Celebration

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics will be celebrating 20 years of Tomb Raider at E3 2016 this year. Throughout the event, they will be holding various activities, along with a special episode during Square’s live broadcast exploring all of the fan-favorite tombs from the entire franchise. Attending fans of the series can also stop by the Square Enix E3 booth to pick up a limited edition, custom-engraved medallion to mark the occasion.


The celebration isn’t stopping at E3, however, as other events are planned throughout the year, including a fan-art contest, a Lara Croft biography being published later this year, and a soundtrack collection titled The Tomb Raider Suite composed by Natan McCree, which will contain all of the game’s classic scores as well as some extended cuts and variations. You can check out details here.

It’s hard to believe that Tomb Raider is turning 20 years old this year. I distinctly remember the first time I ever saw the game—I was 9 years. And Tomb Raider 3? What was cooler than Lara’s obstacle course? Nothing, that’s what.