Call of Cthulhu at E3

The upcoming Call of Cthulhu for PC and consoles has been in development for a couple years now, and all we’ve really had to go on have been a couple images here and there. Today, however, we got our first look at the E3 trailer, and it looks pretty good. It doesn’t show any gameplay, but it does feel very Lovecraft-esque–dark, mysterious, and creepy.

Call of Cthulhu E3 Trailer

Here’s a brief description of the plot.

“In Call of Cthulhu, players will control Edward Pierce, a former veteran and private investigator in 1920s Boston. Pierce will be investigating the tragic and mysterious death of Sarah Hawkins and her family in Darkwater Island. The game’s E3 Trailer showcases this disturbing Island and the eerie Hawkins Family Mansion, and gives a glimpse at how the intensity of the investigation will slowly start chipping away at your Sanity.”

call_of_cthulhu-02 1


Having read a ton of H.P. Lovecraft’s fiction, I’m pretty excited about this game (you should seriously buy this). We haven’t been given much, and I’m not expecting much more during E3, but the Cthulhu mythos is pretty awesome, so I hope development doesn’t last too much longer.