Blanc Et Noir: Takeshi Obata Illustrations

 TakeshiObata-Artbook-BlancEtNoir-3DTitle: Blanc Et Noir: Takeshi Obata Illustrations
Author: Takeshi Obata
Publisher: Viz Media
Format: Hardcover 10 x 14 with slipcase
Page count: 132
Publication Date:
May 3, 2016

“A limited edition release of Takeshi Obata’s high-end full-color artbook that contains his illustrations from Death Note.

Collects bestselling artist Takeshi Obata’s work from 2001-2006, which contains illustrations from popular series Death Note and Hikaru no Go. This gorgeous artbook is encased in a silver-gilded slipcase and is stuffed with 132-pages of full-color art, several massive fold-out posters, special papers and 12 pages of artist commentary including a “how to draw” section. It also includes three large double-sided laminated posters and a postcard. This incredibly special artbook is being offered as a limited edition print run of 10,000 copies.”

What’s Inside:

Released in May, this artbook showcases some of the best illustrations for Death Note fans. With over 100 pages of glossy, four color images, this collector’s item is pure bliss for any fan of Death Note. Inside are illustrations ranging from shinigami in various poses and environments, to police ‘photos’ of Light, and portraits of Misa Misa. Some of the drawings are serious and detailed, with fully illustrated backgrounds while others look more like sketches on black backdrops. There are also beautiful collages of all of the different characters from the series. All of these illustrations are type-notch, creating a gorgeous portfolio of artwork devoted to Death Note.

OBATA TAKESHI ILLUSTRATIONS Blanc et Noir © 2006 by Takeshi ObataSHUEISHA Inc
OBATA TAKESHI ILLUSTRATIONS Blanc et Noir © 2006 by Takeshi ObataSHUEISHA Inc


I’ve seen a lot of art books for anime and manga fans but nothing stands out like Black et Noir. The packaging is perfectly designed to channel that dark Death Note feel without looking cheap or gimmicky. Priced at $99.99, you can really feel the quality on this. The slipcase nicely mimics the feel of a leather book cover. Although it’s just a strong chipboard and paper material, it has a nice ridged texture and sturdy feel. Inside the slipcase are the laminated posters and hardcover book. The book itself does not share the same texture as the slipcase; however, this is a true hardcover. It is weighty and well made. In fact, the book looks so nice, it was painful for me to flip through the pages and enjoy the experience. Each page is printed on expensive, glossy stock. If you’re a bit obsessive, it would do you good to wear gloves when going through the pages. 

Final Word:

I’m usually not one for these fancy art books, but this one is definitely gorgeous and screams collector’s item. It lives up to the expectations of fans who were looking for something to add to their Death Note shrine. This would make the perfect gift for upcoming Father’s Day for a young Otaku dad, or it could just be a nice purchase for yourself.

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