Anne Happy Unhappy Go Lucky! Volume 1 Review

indexTitle: Anne Happy Unhappy Go Lucky! Volume 1
Author: Cotiji
Publisher: Yen Press
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Page count: 176
Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy
Publication Date:
May 24, 2016

Anne Happy Unhappy Go Lucky! is a charming new series about a group of students who attend Tennomifune Academy, a school with a special class for students with “negative karma.” Anyone weighed down by misfortune is put into Class 1-7. On the first day of school, Ruri Hibarigaoka (Hibari) runs into Anne Hanakoizumi (Hanako) who brings bad luck with her wherever she goes. In fact, Ruri’s first encounter with Anne is the result of very bad luck. In an attempt to save a mischievous and ungrateful puppy, Anne falls of a bridge on the way to school because of a rusty beam. They both make it to school to find out they’re in the same class… a class meant for students with particular bad luck. Here they both meet Botan Kumegawa, who is extremely frail and useless. They become friends and end up grouped together by their teacher for strange school assignments meant to improve their bad luck. Can they manage to have a normal high school life without too much lousy luck?


There are several key characters in this volume that I think we’ll be seeing more of in the next installment. Fortunately, Anne Unhappy Go Lucky seems like a series that won’t throw too many names at us in each chapter. Let’s take a look at our cast.

Anne Hanakoizumi  is our protagonist and has the worst luck of everyone in Class 1-7. She has bad experiences with everything ranging from saving a puppy to completing homework. Despite all of the misfortune that follows her, she remains extremely happy-go-lucky. It’s surprising that Anne has bad luck because she always stays positive and sees the best in every situation.

Ruri Hibarigaoka is a negative Nancy. On the very first page of the volume she’s brooding about having to attend Tennomifune Academy. If Anne finds the positive side of everything, Ruri definitely finds the dark side of everything. Her thoughts always involve “Why?” or “How?” She is hyper-aware of her misfortune, unlike Anne.

Botan Kumegawa is an interesting character. She’s not particularly negative like Ruri, but she is very self-deprecating. Botan views herself as useless due her frail condition. This plays out throughout the volume since just being friends with her is an obstacle. Having her around makes a lot of the class assignments extremely difficult to complete.

Sensei Kodaira is the homeroom teacher of Class 1-7. She’s pivotal to volume 1 because she groups the three girls together on assignments. Each assignment is intended to help the class improve their luck. Kodaira is a jack-of-all-trades, she is knowledgeable, physically strong, and knows how to use a tranquilizer gun. Despite how unlucky her students are, she can get them to safety. She’s uniquely prepared to deal with students that get into all kinds of trouble.

Final Word:

At first I wasn’t sure what to think about this series. I didn’t know much about it and I’m getting tired of stories about high school students. The market is over-saturated with high school comedies; however, there is something special about Anne Happy. Anne, who has the most negative karma of all, always thinks she is lucky. She’s an extremely happy character who you’d just want to be friends with. Every circle of friends should have an Anne. It’s also important to note she isn’t the only character you can fall in love with in this series. Sensei Kodaira is likeable and funny. She also says things the way they are – particularly when her class won’t stop talking and she calls them maggots. I hope that Ruri and Botan grow on me because it’s obvious they won’t be going away anytime soon. Right now they seem too generic and common in this genre for me to like them.

This series is definitely worth a shot – it’s cheerful, funny, and cute. If you’re looking for something lighthearted and different while still sticking within the slice-of-life high school genre, this is for you.


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