Here’s Some Gameplay for the Live Action Game the Bunker

A new trailer for Splendy Games and Wales Interactive’s The Bunker popped up today, giving us our first look at “actual gameplay footage.” This live-action video game features some big names in acting (including cast members from Game of Thrones and Star Wars), was shot in an actual nuclear bunker, and contains absolutely no CGI. The game is coming to PC and consoles September 2016.

A completely live-action video game is definitely an interesting idea today, but they do have some talented actors filling the roles. Along with the esteemed cast comes some great screenwriters who’ve worked on critically acclaimed games, like The Witcher and SOMA. Here’s a little rundown of the plot as featured on this press release

“Players control John, the last survivor in an underground government bunker after a nuclear attack wiped out England. The bunker holds many secrets, and when John’s routine is thrown into chaos, he must face his fears and uncover the terrifying mysteries held underground. The game is a completely live action experience filmed on location in a real decommissioned nuclear bunker located in Essex, England.”



Like I said, this game looks pretty out of place in today’s world of CGI madness. Nevertheless, I’m pretty interested in seeing how this turns out when the game is released in September (you can preorder it now). I mean, if it’s anything like the video below, we’re all good.

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