Worms W.M.D. Getting Retail Release

The new Worms title, Worms W.M.D., is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC later this year, and it seems that it’s also getting a retail version as well. I played way too much Worms: Armageddon on Xbox 360 years ago and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited about this.

The franchise is being beefed up with all kinds of new ways to play, so Sold Out and U&I Entertainment should have no problem convincing veteran fans around the globe to buy it. Hell, I would even pay for Armageddon again, honestly. Take a look at the trailer below to see what’s coming in W.M.D.

A brief description of some new stuff:

Worms W.M.D offers players an extensive single player mode with training, campaign and challenge modes. Fans can also bring the fight online and compete in friendly multiplayer matches with room for up to six players and eight worms each on a map, all with the essential feel of the classic Worms experience.

I am a bit surprised to hear that there’s going to be a retail version, because I always think of it as more at home in a digital download. However, some digital releases slip by unnoticed, so maybe this is the publisher’s way of making a bigger splash. Worms is actually a pretty old franchise, and the very first title came out in 1995, so I have no trouble believing that a parent taking their kid to Gamestop might see it on the shelf and pick it up for themselves purely out of nostalgia. 


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