Umbrella Corps Now Available for Pre-Order

The Capcom blog announced that pre-orders are now open for Umbrella Corps, the Resident Evil online third-person shooter coming out on June 21st for PS4 and PC. Fans who are interested in aesthetics and customization can also order the Deluxe Edition, featuring an “Upgrade Pack” that grants various skins so you can look like your favorite Resident Evil characters. Umbrella Corps also got a new trailer showing off some game modes and maps, including the infamous Raccoon City.

Gameplay for Umbrella Corps

According to the blog,

“The ruinous RPD building interior is reimagined as a patchwork refuge, with metal sheeting and scaffolding connecting the first and second floors. Mercenaries can even take cover beneath the ornate statue which held a key item in RE 2. Don’t get too nostalgic exploring the crumbling hall, however, because players are extremely exposed to enemy fire in this map.”

We’ve mentioned some info about the game before, but this recent update is mostly about the perks. Other than the “Upgrade Pack,”, there is also  the “Fashion Victim Pack” which allows weapon and armor customization, and a theme for the PS4. However, I have one big problem with the supposed “Upgrade Pack,” which is that it only gives skins for male characters. No Jill Valentine? No Claire Redfield? I mean, I know everyone drools over Leon, but come on!


At least it’s not Milla Jovovich

I’m trying not to judge this game early, but to say that I am not excited about this title would be an understatement. What I miss about my favorite Resident Evil titles (2, 3, and everyone’s beloved 4) is the feeling of being trapped (due in part by the unmoving camera in 2 and 3), the struggle of trying to survive by finding and mixing herbs or nearly running out of ammo, and a soundtrack that made me feel like I was lingering in one spot of RPD too long. I want so badly to go back to the Resident Evil I love, and Umbrella Corps is not the Resident Evil I love. 

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