Twin Star Exorcists Volume 4 Review

 tsTitle: Twin Star Exorcists Volume 4
Author: Yoskiaki Sukeno
Publisher: Viz Media
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Page count: 200
Genre: Shonen, Action, Fantasy
Publication Date:
April 5, 2016

Benio and Rokuro are determined to return to Magano and fight Yuto. Working together, the young couple trains hard to figure out the techniques that will take out Benio’s deranged, long lost brother. With limited time, they can only hope their skills are polished enough to survive the intense battle that awaits them. Unfortunately, their strength and technique just doesn’t match up against Yuto. When Benio encounters a near-death situation at the hands of her brother, the Basara who killed her parents appears. He offers an interesting alternative to the death that waits her. Will Benio accept her fate or take chances on an offer from a murderer?


A lot happens in this volume. Rokuro and Benio are able to set aside their distaste for each other for a bigger cause. It seems that they have accepted their fates as the “Twin Star Exorcists.” After Rokuro exhausts himself completely from pushing his training to the limit, she has a respect for him that runs deeper than just acceptance. There is even a short moment where Benio carries him to bed after she finds him asleep in the training area. She lies down next to him with a smile and thinks about how he shines a light on her path whenever she’s lost. Now that they both know a great deal about each other, a real bond is forming. 

They go to Magano together and both of them risk their lives to protect each other while trying to defeat Yuto. Although their goal is impossibly out of reach at this point, it gives us a good idea of where their relationship will go as the series progresses. At the end of the battle with Yuto, both of them are out of gas. This is when the Basara who murdered Benio’s parents reappears. He’s an interesting character that I feel we have seen before in anime and manga. All this Basara cares about is finding worthy opponents to fight. In this case, he sees potential in Benio and wishes to give her an alternative to dying. It’s hard to discuss this without spoilers, but it seems that this Basara’s purpose in existence is to absorb power from those he kills. He doesn’t want power from any exorcist – he wants to fight and kill those who are at the top of the food-chain. This Basara is very powerful and ambitious. I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of him as time goes on.

Benio’s decision is interesting because it suddenly makes her a lot more like Rokuro – and I don’t mean personality wise. I can’t wait to see where this goes in the next volume. I’m sure her decision will be the main focus of the story.

Final Word:

Twin Star Exorcists Volume 4 is action packed from front to back cover. Previously, I was getting a little bored of this series. Fortunately, the author really stepped it up in this one and gave us a lot of action and story. Although the last two volumes were filled with backstory, I was beginning to feel an itch for action that would be pivotal to the present. When Benio and Rokuro return to Magano, there is a real sense of urgency. We know that their lives could either end there or they could return to their regular lives knowing that the show must go on. Although this volume ends in a cliffhanger – I don’t particularly think it’s a suspenseful one. Benio already made her important decision and we can figure out from there what could happen. I like this  ending because my desire to get my hands on the next volume is based solely on my need to know where the story is going to go. I don’t feel to committed to the ongoing battle that is going to continue and probably end in the next volume – but this is a good thing.

If this series isn’t on your list yet, it should be.

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