Totally Awesome Hulk, Issue #5 Review

The Totally Awesome Hulk 005-000Title: Totally Awesome Hulk, Issue #5
Author(s): Greg Pak
Artist: Michael Cho
Cover Artist: Frank Cho
Publisher(s): Marvel Comics
Language(S): English
Genre: Superhero 
Release Date: April 20, 2016
Pages: 20

After chasing a number of monsters around the world and mastering his abilities, things seem to be alright for Amadeus Cho as the new Totally Awesome Hulk. Unfortunately, that is not case when he blacks out in the middle of the night and wakes up at the edge of a canyon. It appears that Cho isn’t completely in the driver’s seat after all. His sister Maddy tries to help determine the cause of the problem, but it seems the core of the problem runs even deeper and more painful. Yet still, there’s a beautiful enchantress who wants to foster the darkness that is within the young and vulnerable Hulk.

Greg Pak continues Cho’s development and gives new readers more information about the character by dipping into his origin, as established in his “Incredible Hercules.” Cho did not dwell on the tragic loss of his parents during his adventures with Hercules, so it is interesting to see that the tragedy still affects him to this day when juxtapose to his confident personality. Made even more enticing considering that after the previous issue, it was thought Cho was in full control.  Despite this, the feelings of loss may ultimately prove to be the chink in the new Hulk’s armor. Amora the Enchantress exploiting the weakness of the Hulk will undoubtedly play into the new Thor series which means the hero may get to fight more enemies from beyond the stars. While Enchantress’s appearance into the comic may seem to come out of nowhere, the way she plays with Cho’s emotions is short, simple, but befitting of her character. Michael Cho’s art is just as energetic and vibrant as Frank Cho’s, especially in terms of action; however, Michael’s art is somewhat more detailed in his backgrounds, whereas Frank is more simplistic.

Final Word

Amadeus Cho’s past affecting his control over the Hulk is indeed an interesting opportunity for character development considering that it was not explored in his previous appearance. Cho will no doubt have to come to terms with his tragic past in order to regain control over the beast within. This will be more imperative as he becomes involved with Asgardian affairs, or possibly even Civil War II given the varient cover, bot of which could make for an entertaining, character driven story arch.

The darkness within the Hulk grows stronger


Greg Pak makes great use of Amadeus Cho by advancing his character by addressing the tragic loss of his parents and illustrating how not coming to terms with one’s grief makes one more vulnerable. Pak continues to make the Totally Awesome Hulk more involved with the Marvel Universe by giving him the chance to be thrown him into the Asgardian battle ground and the new play thing of the Enchantress.

  • New roads ahead as Hulk takes the wheel again!
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