Tokyo Ghoul Volume 6 Review

tg6Title: Tokyo Ghoul Volume 6
Author: Sui Ishida
Publisher: Viz Media
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Page count: 200
Genre: Horror, Suspense
Publication Date: April 19, 2016
This is the volume that breaks away from the anime. If you are only watching and haven’t been reading Tokyo Ghoul, it’s time for you to get into gear and do your catch-up reading.
The 11th ward is very hot as the CCG checks into the high rate of Investigator deaths. The cafe is no longer a safe haven for Ghouls, either, since Ken Kaneki is now a target of some vicious folks who want to know Rize’s whereabouts. When he has a run-in with the dangerous Aogiri Tree gang, run by a Ghoul known as the “One-Eyed King,” he has to make a decision that could impact the lives of the Ghouls around him.



The cafe always seemed like a relatively safe place; however, it was so out in the open that less friendly Ghouls could still enter and take advantage of being open about their identities. In this volume, Banjo and two other Ghouls enter the cafe and encounter Kaneki. They are escorted upstairs where they confess they’re from the 11th ward and are searching for Rize. Kaneki tells Banjo that Rize is no longer here; poor Banjo misinterprets this as Rize passing through the ward and drifting along as usual. He tells Kaneki to do him a favor – if he ever runs into Rize, tell her to run. Appropriately, this is when the safety of the cafe comes tumbling down.

We get to meet some new characters at this point: Touka’s nasty brother, Ayato and two distinct looking Ghouls. They only have one thing on their mind – capture Rize or whoever smells like her. A scuffle ensues and Kaneki gets taken away. To go any further would reveal major spoilers that are pivotal to the plot. The most I am willing to say is that Kaneki’s abduction is an enlightening experience for him. His goal has been to learn about Rize and the ‘accident.’ He might learn more than he can cope with.

Final Word:

This volume is serious business. From the beginning you can feel something ominous, then a great crescendo of action breaks the tranquility of the 20th ward. This series seems to get better with each volume – just when I thought I knew where Ishida was going with a story, a new twist is thrown in. Readers of Tokyo Ghoul really need to stay on their toes because so much happens, yet so little can happen at the same time. In this volume, everything you were lead to believe as truth appears to have been a lie.


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