Ruin of the Reckless on Steam Greenlight

The “retro styled” game Ruin of the Reckless is gaining some notoriety on Steam Greenlight this week and with good cause. The game looks really great, with an art style following suit with many retro themed successes like the recent Hyper Light Drifter. It’s a fast paced “action brawler” full of cool melee weapons, interesting characters, and waves of enemies. Check out the Ruin of the Reckless trailer below for awesome chiptunes.


The story is as follows-

Since the beginning of time, or maybe longer, this place has been here. It is a beacon of sorts, attracting the souls of those who both lived and died with recklessness in their hearts.
Bound by some unknown force, these wayward spirits cannot leave.
And so they remain… With time their souls will rot. They will fade away and they will be forgotten.
But even here there is hope… a legend whispered among the ghosts and specters. That any spirit to reach the tower’s peak will be granted one wish…

Judging by how well it’s doing on Greenlight right now, it’s likely we’ll be hearing more about this game in the future. I’m personally hoping we’ll see a console version sooner or later.

 ruin of reckless

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