Overwatch Releases a Day Early on May 23

Blizzard Entertainment decided to release their upcoming class-based first person shooter Overwatch one day earlier than anticipated.  The original release date was on May 24 with the option to pre-install the game on the 23rd if you owned a digital copy.  Then, retail outlets were advertising that the physical version of the game would be available on May 23 as well.  Despite the physical version being released a day early, the servers were still aimed at going live on the 24th.  This would allow for both digital and physical game owners to pre-install and be ready to go the moment that Blizzard decided to flip the switch on the Overwatch servers and make the game go live.

It’s a smart move by Blizzard, no doubt; however, a tweet was made by Overwatch Senior Game Designer Jeremy Craig in response to a member of the community asking when the servers would go live.  The tweet stated that the servers for Overwatch will, indeed, go live at 4:00pm PST / 7:00pm EST on Monday, May 23!  

You can view the tweet here.

Overwatch is still available for pre-order and is available in digital standard and a digital Origins Edition which includes exclusive skins for five different characters as well as digital bonuses for other Blizzard games. A physical Collector’s Edition is also available for $129.99 which contains a statue of Soldier 76, a hardcover art book, a myriad of postcards tailored after each map in the game, a steelbook case, and many other great physical bonuses along with all of the digital bonuses of the Origin Edition.

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