It’s been about three weeks since SNK revealed the full King of Fighters XIV trailer. With that came the reveal of every team in its entirety. However, as of yet there are several characters who have not been shown (One for each team except for: K’ and Ikari) in action despite appearing in this trailer. However, since last week, SNK has been putting team-centric trailers up on their youtube channel, and with them comes information on the characters previously left out of the mix. Last week, team Japan was shown in action, marking the KOF XIV debut of the monstrous Goro Daimon.

This week, team Yagami takes the stage, marking the first time we get to see Mature in action.



Considering that team Yagami immediately follows team Japan in the trailer, the best guess we have is that these team trailers will follow the order laid out in the full-length trailer. Unfortunately, this means that next week’s team will likely be K’. Nothing against the characters, but it would be nice to get another reveal instead of seeing more of what we already know about. 


King of Fighters XIV comes out on PS4 on August 23 in North America.


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