After the second season of Gundam Build Fighters. Gundam Build Fighters Try, ended I thought was the end. Sure the championship was won and all, but I felt there was still more than enough life left in the series to give us a third season. However, we haven’t heard or seen anything about a pending third season since Gundam Build Fighters Try left aired during April 2015. That is until now.

Over at the official Gundam Build Fighters website, a new image has appeared. And while the image only shows the original 3 main characters of Gundam Build Fighters Try, it also shows the date of August 2016. And while that isn’t enough to warrant a possible second part of the series and it could easily turn out to be an OVA, there are also images of several new Gunpla that will supposedly be featured in the new series.


In addition, there are two other images that were taken at an event, which also show the same date as well as the words “Extra Battle Go Fight!!”.



Is this proof that a season is coming? Hopefully, all signs point to yes. Guess we’ll find out more come August 2016.