Infinium Strike Coming to PlayStation 4

According to a press release posted on Gamasutra, Codex World’s Infinium Strike, a deep space tower defense game previously announced only for PC and Xbox One, will also be coming to PlayStation 4. PC and Xbox One players will enjoy a July 14 release, with the PlayStation 4 version coming sometime later in Q3 2016.

Infinium Strike puts the player in the role of chief weapons officer on the “the strongest battle carrier in the universe,” the Freedom Strike.


“Set hundreds of years in the future, humans are on the brink of extinction after decades of intergalactic colonization. The Wrog, a race of sentient alien ships, will stop at nothing until mankind is eradicated. All hope appeared lost until the discovery of a liquid metal known as Infinium. Harnessing the power of Infinium, humanity has built Freedom Strike, the strongest battlecarrier in the universe.”

Although the game is being marketed by Codex Worlds (comprised of former Ubisoft members) as a “strategy action hybrid,” it is essentially a tower defense game in space. Instead of building up your defenses across a map, you’ll be beefing up the Freedom Strike with turrets and sending out smaller fleets of battleships to take on the Wrog.

Infinium Strike will only offer two modes: a campaign mode, which takes the players through 10 missions against the Wrog and Deep Space – an arcade mode where endless waves of Wrog assault the Freedom Strike for as long as the player can survive. A price hasn’t been set as of yet, but only two game modes seems a bit lacking, especially considering the measly 10 missions that make up the campaign. It does look pretty, though, so if the price is right—or it happens to make the PS Plus lineup—it might be worth a shot.


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