Kenzan! Ibuki Returns in Street Fighter V

After an uncharacteristic bit of radio silence from Capcom concerning the May update to Street Fighter V, and a bit of confusion among the community as to who exactly was next to join the roster, the folks running Combo Breaker 2016 had one last thing to present after the SFV trophy was handed to Justin Wong.

Re-introducing: Ibuki!

Forgoing her usual ninja garb, Ibuki appears to be wearing a combat modified version of the same high school outfit we saw in Street Fighter IV


Regardless of her schoolgirl digs, Ibuki looks more like a ninja than ever before. All of the moves you may be accustomed to seem to be there, and now she has more classic ninja tricks on top of them. Her V-Reversal is the classic kawarimi no jutsu (substitution technique) where she replaces herself with a log, she uses a cloth to glide through the air, she has even more moves where she throws various numbers of kunai (throwing knives), and her V-Trigger is a giant grenade, which is extremely reminiscent of the classic, Pocket Fighter (which Ibuki was also a playable character in).


Though there hasn’t been an official statement as of yet on when she’ll be released to the public, I think it would be reasonable to expect her within the next couple of days. Honestly, she looks like a blast to play, and I can’t wait to try her out! Sorry, Balrog fans. Maybe next month. 

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