Ghost Theory Kickstarter Successfully Funded

Dreadlocks’ supernatural horror game, Ghost Theory, has officially been funded through Kickstarter. The developer says “the game is going to get made.” The game is expected to announce in Q4 2017 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, and it will also be VR compatible.

Part P.T. and part Poltergeist, Ghost Theory has players take on the role of a ghost hunter armed with only a handful of “authentic” tools of the trade, like a pendulum and an E.M.F. meter. Check out the video below for some pre-alpha footage.


Dreadlocks has also thrown up a new image in celebration of the Kickstarter success. It’s a comparison of the real-life Miranda Castle in Belgium (nicknamed the “Noisy Castle”), matched up against its in-game recreation.


Digital Comparison

The game also has a stretch-goal which would see base-management included in the final product, where players could manage a workshop of sorts, get funding from universities and hire a team of ghost-hunters to go on non-playable missions and bring back materials and supplies. This actually sound fun, but considering the Kickstarter campaign only barely exceeded the goal, players might have to just stick to solo ghost hunting.

Considering that crowdfunding for video games hasn’t always turned out well, backers should probably take the official Q4 2017 release date with a grain of salt. I love crowdfunding, but mostly stick to art projects and independent graphic novels because there’s a lot less at stake and a lot less overhead for the creators. If you would like to pre-order and contribute to the crowdfunding of Ghost Theory, you can still do so here.


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