Former Power Rangers Actors Star in New Indie Film The Order

For weeks there has been rumbling around the Power Rangers fan community about a movie backed by former Power Rangers actors from past seasons, as several former Rangers, including Johnny Yong Bosch (Adam,) Austin St. John (Jason,) Walter Jones (Zack,) Paul Schrier (Bulk) and Karan Ashley (Aisha) from Mighty Morphin as well as Jason Faunt (Wes) and Erin Cahill (Jen) from Time Force and Azim Rizk (Jake) from Megaforce, changed their profile pictures to this mysterious logo:

The mystery has been solved, as Karan Ashley’s KAsh Pictures revealed the newest trailer for her company’s feature film: The Order. Check out the trailer here:

The synopsis, from their IndieGogo page is as follows:

The Order is an action packed movie that follows a covert group of vigilantes. This group is often times the shadow to groups like the FBI and CIA. 

The men and women of The Order, are trained, living weapons. They operate in secret. They have dedicated their lives to eliminating violent threats and imminent disasters. Their one focus is to fight to keep humanity safe from complete societal breakdown and maintain world order.

The Order has faced the worst of enemies, but are crippled by the discovery that this world assault they now face, is being lead by some of their very own. 

Throw everything you thought you knew out the the window, you won’t know the good guys from the bad.

Billed as completely independent from Saban Pictures, The Order was created out of the fans desire to see a Power Rangers reunion, in a grittier and edgier fashion. While KAsh Pictures is looking for crowdfunding, Ashley assures that the movie will be produced regardless of funding status:

We are aware that there have been previous reunion crowd funding campaigns that are still in the pre-production phase. Our movie is COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT from any of these projects. 

Here is what we already have in place.

–  Completed script

–  Professional director and crew attached

–  Experienced producing team

–  Partial funding

–  Principal actors attached

We felt it was important to illustrate our vision through a dynamic sizzle reel, with a production level that would exceed your expectations in hopes that it would earn your trust and help you to envision the completed project.

We value your loyalty and want you to know that even if we do not reach the expected crowdfunding goal, WE WILL STILL FILM THIS MOVIE.

So far, the movie has gotten $8.4K of it’s $25,000 goal, with two months remaining. You can contribute to the film at

You can also check out news and updates about The Order, at the following places:

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