With four mainline titles and the oddity that was FNAF World (not to mention a book and talks of a film), the Five Nights at Freddy’s series has consistently surprised fans with news of more and more entries. This marks the next step in the legacy.
Today, Scott Cawthon has released a trailer for Sister Location, a spinoff of the series presumably pertaining to the sister location mentioned in FNAF 3.

From what is shown, the antagonists this time around seem to be: a fox, a bear, a ballerina, and a small girl who appears to be the ring leader (chances are good that her name will somehow contain “sister”). Gameplay seems to revolve around at least two rooms and a vent that may or may not connect them. No anti-animatronic mechanics have been revealed, but it appears as if crawling through the vent may serve part of that purpose.

Seeing as this is only a teaser, details are sparce, but assuming that this is indeed the same sister location that was previously spoken of, we have a couple leads when taken in context of the trailer.

  • The sister location is notorious for having had multiple simultaneous failures in  human/animatronic suits, most likely killing the employees wearing them
  • The phrase “Deep below ground, where memories sleep; anger is restless, and secrets don’t keep” gives the impression that this time around, the animatronics are possessed by the workers who died in that incident, and they are currently stored in an underground facility as to keep the deaths secret.
  • The animatronics keep pushing off segments of their suits, suggesting that they might want to get out.

As I said, nothing is confirmed, but it looks like this time around players will research the aftermath of the sister location incident. Whether or not the overarching story will get answers is up in the air, but I’m leaning towards “no.”


Sister Location is slated for release in fall (though Cawthon is notorious for releasing unpredictably far ahead of schedule).


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