If you’re planning on purchasing tickets for the upcoming 2016 New York Comic Con, then you need to be aware of a new change. Announced today, Reedpop, has changed how ticket purchases will be handled and for those who have attended SDCC before, it seems to be similar. Looks like this is their way of stopping scalpers from buying up all the tickets and selling them via Ebay and other places.

“At ReedPOP we put our fans first and this process is to get as many tickets into the hands of those fans, plain and simple,” said Lance Fensterman, Global Senior Vice President of ReedPOP. “We know it is a little more work for our fans but we hope they will happily work with this new system if it helps to thwart ticket brokers and ticket resellers.”

In order to purchase tickets, you MUST sign up for what is called a “Fan Verification” and this must be done for every ticket you purchase. That means if you want to get tickets for yourself, a family member or friend, they all must be verified. Failure to do this means they can not, you can not purchase any tickets. The Fan Verification will start on May 20 at 12PM EDT and will close out on June 13 at 11:59PM EDT. If you miss this window, you will not be able to purchase tickets. This also means that you won’t be able to buy them from scalpers anymore either or at least that is the plan as the tickets must be verified now.

As of this time, the URL for the verification has not be given and is assumed not to be live yet.

If you do not fill out a Fan Verification profile, you will not have the opportunity to buy NYCC Tickets and you will not be able to have someone who has been Fan Verified to buy Tickets for you.

Make sure to gather your friends, family, neighbors, dogs and cats (just kidding on those last two) and make sure everyone fills out a profile during the Fan Verification timeframe.

So if you want to buy tickets for people, you still have the 4 ticket per sale, but you also have to make sure everyone you get a ticket for is verified. In order for them to use that ticket, they must have signed up and you must have their email address they used for the Fan Verification. Then you’ll be able to assign them a ticket. Seems they really thought this through and are dead serious.

You’ll also no longer be able to purchase any New York Comic Con tickets from any local comic shops either. All ticket sales will be done via their website and will be an online only affair. In addition, they have done away with VIP tickets. They’re gone, so don’t ask for them or look for them.

1. Fan Verification is required for NYCC 2016. Everyone who would like to attend NYCC (whether you are buying Tickets yourself or someone is buying them for you) must fill out a Fan Verification profile.
2. Kids who will be ages 6-12 at the time of NYCC 2016 and will be using a NYCC 2016 Adult Ticket or Sunday Kids Ticket do not need a Fan Verification profile for their NYCC 2016 Ticket.
3. Fan Verification will be open from Friday, May 20 at 12:00 PM EDT to Monday, June 13 at 11:59 PM EDT. Fill out your Fan Verification profile correctly and completely – there’s no need to rush through it.
4. All NYCC 2016 Ticket Types will go on sale at the same time on a first-come, first-served basis. Fan Verification does not guarantee NYCC Tickets.
5. We will no longer be selling VIP Tickets for NYCC.
6. NYCC 2016 Tickets will only be sold online. NYCC Tickets will not be on sale at retailers or any events leading up to NYCC 2016.
7. All Fans who filled out a Fan Verification profile will be notified via email 48 hours prior to NYCC Tickets going on sale.
8. The email you receive with the NYCC on-sale date will include a unique link where you will have the opportunity to purchase Tickets first-come, first-served when they go on sale. There is a one transaction limit per link.
9. If you are purchasing Tickets for you and your friends or family, you must assign each individual Ticket to a person using the name and email address they created their Fan Verification profile with. If you are purchasing a Ticket for a kid ages 6-12, you will add their name and age to the Ticket.

For more info on this process, please head on over to the Newyorkcomiccon website. This is important if you want to attend NYCC 2016, so don’t mess around with this. From the info I was sent, it seems they are really serious about this.

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