While all eyes were on Nvidia’s latest king of the single GPU cards, the GTX 1080, the company has finally released the specs of the second card in the GTX 1000 family; the GTX 1070. Utilizing the very same Pascal architecture, the GTX 1070 isn’t slated to hit the shelves until June 2016, unlike the GTX 108, which will be on sale as soon as May 27, 2016. However unlike the GTX 1080, the GTX 1070 will be priced at $379, which makes it perhaps a bit more desirable based on its price for those looking for a cheaper upgrade path.

This card is aimed directly at Nvidia’s prior Maxwell offering, the GTX 970 and looks to be a GTX 970 killer based on the spec sheet and price. A new GTX 970 is still going to cost you $350 while the GTX 1070 is priced just $20-30 dollars more and comes with a higher clock speed, 8GB of DDR5 memory and a lower TDP.  On paper, the specs aren’t a huge jump from the GTX 1080 either, so we could be looking at a similar situation that we saw with the introduction of the GTX 980 and GTX 970. However keep in mind that the GTX 1070 will only have 8GB of GDDR while the GTX 1080 will sport 8GB Micron’s newer GDDRX memory, which could be a key factor in the performance difference between the two cards.


Sadly there aren’t any reviews or benchmarks on the GTX 1070 as tech reviewers currently don’t have this card, however, we expect that to change the closer we get to June 2016.

See the specs of the GTX 1070 compared to the GTX 1080, below.

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That said, are you more interested in the GTX 1070 now that we have the finalized specs? I know I am, especially since it looks like it has the potential to catch up to the GTX 1080 in regards to the clock speed. Only time will tell.

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