Is 2k Games Throwing in the Towel on Battleborn Already?

I really hope not.. I mean, they better not be doing that!

Now I’m usually the last person to completely slam something without merit, but here I think I’m going to make an exception. And before I start, 2K Games, I love you. I really do! I adored the games you published and some of them are my favorites. So, please don’t hate me for this, as it’s coming from my gaming heart.

Ok… Whose idea was it to release Battleborn so close to the release of Overwatch? Whomever it was, they need to be taken outside and given the once over. And while I’m joking here, seriously, don’t hurt anybody, this was just bad planning. Despite playing in several betas for both Battleborn and Overwatch, it was clear to see who had the superior multiplayer component. Obviously, this is where Overwatch would shine since multiplayer is the entire concept of Overwatch. There is no single player component, there is no upgrading and customization. Nope, none of that. It’s as simple as logging in, joining a game and choosing a hero. This isn’t so for Battleborn, though that hasn’t stopped many for comparing the two games.


In the defense of Battleborn, it was designed with a single player campaign and a multiplayer component, less similar to a team-based FPS like Overwatch or Team Fortress 2, and more along the lines of a first person shooter with MOBA gameplay elements. And while I did say that Overwatch has the superior multiplayer portion, I did sit down with Battleborn and found both the single player and multiplayer enjoyable. However, that was mainly due to me also enjoying MOBAs, a game genre that simply isn’t for everyone. And I feel this is exactly what is hurting Battleborn. It tries to do too many things and I get it, as well as I respect Gearbox Software for their efforts. More than anything I respect the fact that they attempted to go against the grain and create something that wasn’t a grim or gritty FPS, or a game that takes us back in time to play with muskets and knives. 

Both games have a draw. It’s just up to you, the player, to decide on which one works for you. To be honest, I really like the style of Battleborn, as well as the comedic element they added to the game. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and if you have a decent team, it’s a blast. Just like any online multiplayer title. Sure it does have its share of rough edges, and let’s be honest. Overwatch has a few as well.

But, c’mon 2K games. Don’t throw in the towel just yet. And before you say you haven’t, this current promo that JUST started a mere 30 minutes ago doesn’t seem like you have much confidence in your game. 

No way should you be giving a discount on a game that you released less than 20 days ago. If you’re going to try to stay in the fight, then you give it everything you’ve got! Plus the fact that I’m sure there are thousands of people that recently paid full price for Battleborn that aren’t going to be too thrilled about this. And the fact that the game still has several issues that need to be addressed.

I dunno, seems like the priorities here aren’t in the right places, and this seems more like a “Buy Battleborn instead of Overwatch” sale to me. But, what do I know?

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