The Totally Awesome Hulk Issue #1 to #4 Review

The Totally Awesome Hulk 001-000aTitle: The Totally Awesome Hulk Issue #1 to 4
Author(s): Greg Pak
Publisher(s): Marvel
Language(S): English
Genre: Superhero

Release Date: December 2, 2015, December 21, 2015, February 10, 2016, March 23, 2016. 
Readers dive into a new chapter in the Hulk’s life as he takes up a new host in the form of a teenage Asian-American super genius, Amadeus Cho.  After lifting the burden of the Hulk from Bruce Banner and as monsters start  popping up all over the world, Amadesu, his sister Madame (“Maddy”)  and their robotic assistant Kegger set out on their flying noodle truck to track down monsters all around the world. Their job is to find the monsters, subdue them, shrink them and contain them so they will not be a threat to humanity. All the while, Cho is adjusting to being the vessel of one of the strongest forces in the Marvel Universe, even having dreams involving the beast which appears could break loose at any moment. He is determined to be a different kind of Hulk from Banner and to keep the beast within under control.

 In the team’s adventure to capture more beasts, they are joined by other heroes, but they come across unwanted attention by Lady Hellbender, monster queen of Seknarf Nine. The Queen is also interested in collecting monsters that she deems as special, however, but for a slightly different reason. The Queen then sets her sights upon Cho considering him to be quite the magnificent specimen and she does not care if she must use force to obtain him. However, Maddy is not about to let her little brother become someone’s personal, royal pet. Will Amadeus be a part the Queen’s nature exhibit, will his sister break him out or will he break free and show how much of a totally awesome of a Hulk he is?

Final word

While the name can be an easy deterrent, Totally Awesome Hulk is indeed a fun read from start to finish as reader see Cho, not only control his new powers, but see him enjoy being a kick-butt superhero. Cho’s care-free personality and control over the Hulk combined with the unfathomable strength of the Hulk shows a great deal of potential. The light-hearted, fun-loving tone of this series thus far is a huge contract from traditional Hulk series showcasing Banner’s loneliness and regret and the book makes a great effort to highlight the difference.

 It is befitting that Greg Pak helms this title as he did write the Incredible Hercules series where Amadeus was the brains to Hercules’ brawn. As seen in the comic, it is entertaining considering that, while Cho is a super genius, he is still a kid and his sister has to constantly look out for. It is made very clear in the comic, mostly by Cho’s dialogue, that he is indeed a different Hulk than Banner. Amadeus is impulsive, cocky, goofy and flirtatious which makes him
a very enjoyably comedic Hulk. The Hulk’s rage does seep through and eventually becomes a problem as well as a major help in a fight which made The Totally Awesome Hulk 003-000athings interesting throughout the first few issues.  In addition to Cho’s escapade as Marvel’s strongest superhero, is the possibly the enticing explanation as to how our hero attained the powers of the Hulk.

The details of how Cho acquired the powers of the Hulk from Banner are explained in flashbacks, however, are not given in full, rather in pieces throughout the first four issues which could help keep curious readers enticed.

The stunning art by Frank Cho was indeed a delight for a Hulk, expressive, character was distinct, vibrant and boisterous which complimented well during the fight scenes and Cho getting into awkward or dangerous situations.

The only downside to the series is that while Cho is described as a super genius, he rarely showcases that aspect of his character that is described as the eighth smartest person in the world. Cho is a good –hearted and can do well in a fight with some practical thinking, however, does not use his quantum brain as he did in the past. It would be interesting to see Cho use his vast intellect in addition to his brute strength and not only rely on his muscles.  

Overall, The Totally Awesome Hulk is a totally awesome reader which shows a very different Hulk than what long time fans are used to.


Readers of Bruce Banner’s more lonely and sullen Hulk may find this more fun-loving, impulsive and over-confident version to be a bit hard to get accustomed to. However, the comic shows a great deal of entertaining potential as it shows Amadeus Cho masters his new powers and sets himself apart from Banner.

  • A new, fun and ambitious take on an iconic character!
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