Tales of Berseria Comes to the West in 2017

It was announced today by the official “Tales of…” Twitter account that the English version of Tales of Berseria will be debuting outside of Japan in early 2017.  The game will be available on the PlayStation 4 as well as PC. Outside of the “early” part, there is no official release date just yet for North America; however, in Japan, the game is slated for an August 18, 2016 release on the PlayStation 4 and PC. 

You can view the official tweet by clicking here

The Tweet also mentioned the New Character and Skit system in Tales of Berseria  as well as a new feature of the game’s battle systems.

Tales of Berseria will mainly take place in the Midgand Sacred Kingdom… a powerful country that rules over this world’s archipelago of a continent. The game’s world is shared with Tales of Zestiria, although the events of Berseria occur in the distant past of Zestiria. There are countless numbers of islands around and Midgand’s rule crosses even the seas. Areas of land and islands in the game are divided into “territories.”

The game follows the protagonist Velvet Crowe; a 19-year-old pirate who completely changed because of an incident that happened three years prior to the events of the game. Alongside her Spirit companion Laphicet, she battles warriors who have shed their emotions in pursuit of victory against rogue monsters. Five other characters were later announced: Rokuro, Eleanor, Magilou, Bienfu, and Eizen, respectively.

The game’s main theme is the conflict between emotion and reason, with Velvet being the incarnation of emotion and rage. 

The game’s theme song “Burn,” will be composed and performed by FLOW.

Latest Tales of Berseria Trailer w/English Subtitles


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