Superman: Lois and Clark Issue #6 Review

P00001Title: Superman: Lois and Clark Issue #6
Author(s):Dan Jurgens
Publisher(s): DC Comics
Language(S): English
Genre: Superhero
Release Date: March 23, 2016

After stopping the first crisis and restoring the Mulitverse, Lois and Clark accidentally end up in the New 52 universe. Lois and Clark adapt and remain under the radar so they could at least try to live a simple life together and raise their new-born baby, Jonathon. Years past, Lois has become a successful Ghost writer of several novels, which have exposed the truth of several criminal operations and organizations, such as the notorious Intergang, under the name Author X.  As for Clark, he continues to help in whatever way he can in order to protect innocent while trying his best not to expose himself and dawning a new outfit.  The two have made a decent living and they continue to do what they do best while keeping their true identities a secret even from their son, who has become interested with of this world Superman.

However, the family’s secret may be undone as they begin attract unwanted attention. Intergang seeks to uncover the truth about Author X just as she has done to them and end her. The criminal organization kidnaps Lois’ publisher and forces her to reveal Author X’s identity.  The super couple do all they can in order to find Lois’ publisher before she can tell them anything and kill her. However, Intergang has begun targeting Lois and her family which puts Lois and Clark at risk of exposure. Superman desperately tries to locate Lois’ publisher, but must also try to protect his family and their secret. In the end, the two might soon realize their secret could not be kept from absolutely everyone despite their best attempts.

Final word:

Issue 6 was indeed suspenseful as readers can see that the various subplots are starting to converge and with them the potential threats to Lois and Clark. The story appears to be building up to something big as the various entities that could put the family at risk of exposure are getting a little closer to the truth and somewhat testing the abilities of the married couple. The story in this issue is very suspenseful as Superman tries to juggle his superhero duties, and he tries to keep his family safe in addition to the danger Lois and Jonathon are put in this issue.

Jonathan also had some room to shine as it shows that the child has inherited a few things from his parents and it is safe to say Lois and Clark’s son is more perceptive than other kids. In addition to Clark desperately trying to tend to danger and his family, Lois’ scenes with Jonathon are the most dramatic and suspenseful as they come to a shocking revelation.

The art by Lee Weeks work was wonderful as always, highlight great action and very vibrant. However in this issue it does an excellent job depicting Clark’s method of finding Lois’ publisher. The comic did a great job giving readers a more illustrative idea of the sheer precision of Clark’s abilities.

On a funny note, it is also interesting to see how different the New 52 universe’s journalistic standards and ethics from that of Lois and Clark in terms of integrity. 


Lois and Clark set out to find her publisher before the secret is blown, however it may be already too late as Intergang on the move and more threats appear to be coming as well. Can Superman save the day and protect his family?

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