Superman: The Coming of the Supermen, Issue #3 Review

Superman - The Coming of the Supermen (2016-) 003-000Title: Superman: The Coming of the Supermen, Issue #3 
Author(s): Neal Adams
Artist: Neal Adams
Cover Artist: Neal Adams
Publisher(s): DC Comics
Language(S): English
Genre: Superhero
Release Date: April 6, 2016
Pages: 23

Darkseid, ruler of Apokolips, sends his forces to invade Earth. However, while Superman is preoccupied on the other side of the world, three Kryptonians appear from out of nowhere dressed in the classic red and blue spandex.  The trio drives back the alien forces. While Superman quells a war in the middle-east a mysterious figure asks him to look after an orphan who is mysteriously connected to Darkseid.  After another attack by Kalibak, Darkseid’s son, Rafi is captured and now the Superman must go off to New Kandor, former capital of Krypton, bring Rafi home and hopefully put a halt to Darkseid’s latest war. While Superman is away his new friends, the Supermen, watch over the planet Earth in his absence.

A major complaint in regards to the comic is the rapid pacing that travels almost as fast as Superman, especially with a very sudden change of setting. This comic continues to be jarring as so much happens; the readers ar
e not given any time to digest each scene and may require more than one read through. These events are indeed interesting seeing as how the war has a certain level of scope but can be hard to enjoy when the comic keeps skipping to the next plot point. This is also frustrating consider that yet another subplot involving Lex and Darkseid is in the works, which could work its way into the main plot but the book is already starting to lack focus. In addition, the trio of Supermen are set aside with hardly any investment or panel time devoted to them thus far. At least, the comic does give readers more Kryptonians along with a trip to Kandor.

There is a brighter side to this issue and that is the action and art work. The comic’s writer and artist Neal Adams, does have a talent for action scenes and it is hard to not enjoy seeing Superman take on Darkseid’s force alongside his own people, who are also sporting their own capes and spandex. Every action piece Adam always has something happening with the art being vibrant, colorful and energetically boisterous, despite some rushed, sequential failings on some panels. Unlike the previous issue there is less crosshatching thus making this comic look cleaner by comparison. The cover art is especially striking, it can leave readers wondering what kind of fight Superman is headed into.

In addition, the one scene with Lois and Clark while in the spaceship was funny and does highlight the funny side to their relationship, even if it was brief.

It is debatable as to when this story takes places, or even if it takes place in its own continuity, however with the inclusion of new Kandor it is safe to assume that this book takes place sometime after the “Brainiac” story-arc in Action Comics when Superman saved a miniaturized city of Kandor which he resorted on another planet. It is also easy to assume that this takes place before the events of War of the Supermen where Kara’s parents led an invasion of Kryptonians against Earth. 

Final Thoughts:

The action scenes and art work by Adams was enjoyable however it would have been better if the story would transition more properly and not favor a break-neck pacing. The subplots have a chance to properly condense and merge all the subplots however the comic still feels needlessly and cluttered at this point.

So much happening so fast but at least it looks cool!

Neal Adams excels when it comes to visuals and he definitely has a lot of great ideas to bring to a Superman series. However with so much happening at such a break-neck pacing it is hard to enjoy the story when readers can’t digest it.

  • The pacing is as fast as a speeding bullet!
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