Steamforged Games Dark Souls the Board Game Funded in Three Minutes!

You read the title line and I’m not really surprised. Dark Souls is a  fantastic property and game, while Steamforged Games are masters of their craft. So when I read this morning that their upcoming Dark Souls board game was funded in just three minutes, well I kind of expected it. Just not that fast!


With an asking goal of just 71,000 USD, the game has raised $788,000 USD at the time of this article and it has 26 days to go! This may end up being the fasted funded and highest funded board game on Kickstarter. To date that honor belongs to Exploding Kittens which earned 8 million in funding.

Sadly this does mean that all the early bird pledges are gone, so if you want to help out then you’re going to have to go in at the $113 or $283 pledges. However seeing how devoted I am to the Dark Souls brand, I’ve also donated to the cause and pledged $113 for my own copy.

To get in on the Kickstarter or to get more info on Dark Souls the board game, head on over to their Kickstarter page –