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On April 1st, Cartoon Network unveiled an interactive website titled PowerPuff Yourself that exploded across social media. The search term #PowerPuffYourself became a top trended search on Twitter. But what exactly does everyone mean by that? CartoonNetwork answered this in a short post to Twitter last Friday:

In order to promote the reboot of the popular 90’s cartoon show The PowerPuff Girls, Cartoon Network is now allowing anyone to become a PowerPuff character. This site is completely free and includes many customization options such as skin color and clothing type. Smartphone users and desktop owners alike can use this website. Once you create a character that you like, you are able to easily share it to a multitude of social media platforms. You can even download GIFs, wallpapers, and PNG format files if you want to keep the character long-term.


This page will appear after you confirm that you are satisfied with your PowerPuff avatar.

This Monday, The PowerPuff Girls will be returning to Cartoon Network. The season premier will air on April 4th at 6pm PST/EST. Based on the overwhelmingly positive reactions received for the website PowerPuff Yourself, we should be able to expect a large amount of people to tune in.

Still craving more PowerPuff Girls and can’t wait until Monday? Take a look at Cartoon Network’s most recent clip from the new show:


Source: CNN

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