Playstation System Software 3.50 Available Tomorrow

The latest version of the Playstation 4 System Software arrives tomorrow.

Detailed early last month, Playstation System Software 3.50 comes out of beta testing tomorrow and will be available for the Playstation populace. The new features available in this update, as detailed on the Playstation Blog, are:

  • Appear offline – hide your online status from everyone
  • Friend online notification – choose to be notified when a friend logs on
  • User scheduled event – create events and invite friends to a gameplay session at a specified time
  • Play together – shows what all members in a party are playing and allows you to instantly join in
  • Remote play for PC/Mac – only supported on Windows 8.1, 10, OSX 10.10 and 10.11 (installer can be downloaded here)
  • Playstation App Version 3.50 – companion app gets update to allow creation of user scheduled events, schueduled gameplay sessions, the addition of Dailymotion to Live from Playstation, and other players’ shared activities appearing in your activities list

Excited for any of these new additions? Still waiting on the ability to change your PSN name? Let us know in the comments below.