A Permanent Solution to Rage Quitters Coming to Street Fighter v Coming Soon

I’ll be honest when it comes to Street Fighter V. Sure I’m a bit upset that there’s no arcade mode or not a fully fleshed out training mode. But what really pisses me off is after getting bodied and then finally starting to get your flow going, only to run into rage quitter after rage quitter. Well it takes the wind out of your sails pretty fast. And despite Street Fighter V being pushed as the “flagship” of fighting games for “E-sports”, it’s sorely missing a few things. Thankfully it seems that Capcom finally has a solution to address the rage quitting and will be providing us with more details soon.

Can’t wait to see it in action and hopefully it will teach them rage quitters a thing or two. Though you know this should have been in the game since day one, just saying.

Source: Capcom Twitter Feed