Hands-on Impressions with Assault Suit Leynos | PAX East 2016

A title that was once known to gamers back during the Sega Mega Drive or Sega Genesis days is making a comeback. Assault Suit Leynos was a side-scrolling title that featured a mech that had all sorts of fire-power and had the gamer performing specific tasks. However nearly 26 years later, the title is being brought back to life and is making its way to both the PlayStation 4 and PC. And thanks to Dracue Software, Assault Suit Leynos is also sporting a graphical upgrade with a 720p/1080p resolution graphics and a 60FPS.

During an hands-on and interview with Rising Star Games, the company who is bringing the title over to North America, I was able to get a feel for how the game is shaping up. Despite me not having touched Assault Suit Leynos for quite some time, after a few minutes of playing the game, I was back in top form. It’s exactly how I remembered it and a whole lot more. Sure the gameplay hasn’t changed since the original title, seeing it in action along with the silky smooth frame-rate sort of made me shed a tear, especially since it was nice to see a cult classic being given its due. Fans of anime titles such as Robotech, Macross, Gundam and other mecha anime shows will be quick to notice the anime-like touches that are also present in the game.

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At the start of each mission, you’re able to change-up your mechs armor and weapons, all which are earned via playing through the game. If you a good job and earn a high rank you’re rewarded with a number of items that you’ll use for customization. Gameplay was basically as what I remembered it; You’re given an assignment and you basically go out and do it. It could be defending a location, stopping enemies from reaching a certain point or other various things. Graphically is where the game shines. It was very fluid and while I couldn’t tell if it was either 720p or 1080p, it was definitely running at 60FPS. And that’s a huge upgrade from the original version that most of us played many years ago.


Sadly Rising Star Games was not able to tell us when the title would be released just yet. However, I have no doubts about when it does finally release that it’s going to touch more than a few heads. Lastly, I hope that gamers will check this out and hopefully we’ll see the other titles in the series make it over.

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