It’s no secret that Fate/Zero and Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works were both gorgeous animes done by the studio ufotable.  However, before we were subjected to glorious eye candy and amazingly choreographed fight scenes, Studio Deen produced the original Fate/stay night anime back in 2006. When it’s compared to the newer versions done by ufotable… well… it just doesn’t compare.  This is why the 2006 edition of the anime will be receiving an HD Remaster!  

The original anime was met with criticism over how the adaptation was handled along with the seemingly slow and shoddy animation. Let’s hope that the HD Remastered version fixes the animation issues the original had.  The story and character issues; however, can’t be fixed with any amount of graphic enhancements.  This Remaster should serve more as a prettier trip down memory lane more than anything.

The original anime follows the “Fate” route in the visual novel and is about a war over the Holy Grail in which masters call forth powerful servants who are legendary heroes from history’s past.  The servants will battle each other until only one master/servant pair remains. That pair will be declared the winner of the Holy Grail war and either the servant or the master will have any one wish granted no matter what it is.

The HD remaster version of Fate/stay night is slated to air in Japan on TBS this May.  Sentai Filmworks acquired the license in 2013 and has since distributed the English dub throughout North America.  Sentai Filmworks also has the license for the English release of Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works.  You can also stream Fate/Zero through Aniplex of America’s streaming service.

The Fate series as a whole has seen numerous anime adaptations and specials. It has also received a plethora of different manga, one-shots, video games, figures,visual novels and other assorted merchandise throughout the years. A new anime series has also been green-lit which will follow the Heaven’s Feel route of the original Fate/stay night visual novel. There is no current release date for the new anime other than it will air sometime in 2017. 

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    Is the remastered version released yet?

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    Joshua J. Piedra

    As far as a DVD release, not yet. It started airing in Japan in May so it should finish airing in November. They’ll probably announce something closer to when it finishes airing.