North American Anime and Manga Releases

Here are your North American Anime and Manga Releases for the week of 4/17 – 4/23.  Enjoy!

Anime Releases

Aldnoah.Zero Set 4Aniplex of America$39.98April 19
Black Butler Season 3 FUNimation$64.98April 19
Princess TutuAEsir Holdings$39.98April 19
Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost StoriesSentai Filmworks$24.98April 19

Manga Releases

Dorohedoro GN 18Viz Media$12.99April 19
The Gods Lie GNVeritcal$12.95April 19
LDK GN 4Kodansha Comics$10.99April 19
Magical Girl Apocalypse GN 7Seven Seas Entertainment$12.99April 19
Monster Perfect Edition GN 8Viz Media$19.99April 19
My Monster Secret GN 2Seven Seas Entertainment$12.99April 19
Ninja Slayer GN 4Veritcal$12.95April 19
Noragami: Stray God GN 13Kodansha Comics$10.99April 19
Say “I Love You” GN 13Kodansha Comics$10.99April 19
A Silent Voice GN 6Kodansha Comics$10.99April 19
Tokyo Ghoul GN 6Viz Media$12.99April 19

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