New Dark Souls III Patch Coming Today for All Platforms


There’s a new patch incoming for Dark Souls III on all platforms. The 1.04 patch will include bug fixes and changes to gameplay, as well as introduce regulation version 1.06. The update will unfortunately mean that the servers will need to be taken offline to patch, so there will be no online play for several hours.

The times for each platform have been listed below. Though I believe that 6 hour patch window for the Xbox One is wrong. I’ve reached out to Bandai Namco for clarification.


PS4 – 4PM to 6PM PDT / 7PM to 9PM EDT
XB1 – 4PM to 10PM PDT / 7PM to 12PM EDT
PC – 11PM to 1 AM PDT / 2AM to 4PM EDT

The 1.04 version will include the following changes:

• Item collection during multiplayer while accessing NPC and Covenant Alter is now working as intended.
• Conditions for optional events is eased.
• Conditions to get Rosaria’s Finger is eased.
• If they haven’t visited the Untended Grave, players will not be teleported there.
• Kicks cannot be parried.
• The Crystal Sage will appropriately re-appear even after he has warped.
• The Dragonslayer Armour won’t die before the battle.
• Knight Slayer Tsorig will no longer gesture unintendedly.
• Siegward of Catarina will now be able to properly rescue Greirat once conditions are met.
• If the player is equipped with a ring that increases Max HP, stats will now be properly reflected when opening the equipment screen.
• The voice chat icon will now be displayed properly under the covenant panel.
• Items, bonfire and the “Quit Game” option are now appropriately active even when disconnecting online.
• If the game disconnects during a multiplayer session, it will no longer crash and return to the title screen.
• Other issues causing crashes and returning to the title screen have been fixed.
• Adjustments of the balance of game, improvements of performance and various bug fixes. have been made.

The regulation version 1.06 will not require any downtime and will include the following changes:


• The range of the matching level of the Blade of the Darkmoon and the Blue Sentinels have been adjusted.
• The efficiency of the following categories has been adjusted: Short Sword, Twinsword and Magic.
• Other game balance improvement and bug fixes.

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