I’m Not down with the Doxxing of Alison Rapp’s Family in the Name of #Gamegate

For the past few weeks former Nintendo Treehouse rep, Alison Rapp, has been having a bad time. Well to be pretty honest she has been under fire for a while now. Not just for her thesis that she wrote or her beliefs or views. But more recently she was outed from Nintendo for matters that were based on her actions, neither of which I condone nor care about. In fact all I’ll say about that is she did her dirt, she got caught and eventually she was fired from a job that she loved. It sucks, everyone has a reason of belief on why it happened or if it was deserved. In the end she may have gotten what she deserved, regardless of her secondary job. I’m not here to talk about that nor am I voicing my personal opinion about that, as I’ve already done so on multiple occasions.

What I am highly upset about is the fact that several people or for that fact an entire organization or organizations have taken it upon themselves to harass not only Alison but her family. I don’t see why even harassing Alison is a thing anymore, especially since you’ve accomplished what you wanted and got her fired. But to harass her family, people who you don’t know anything about nor didn’t do anything to you is not only ridiculous but it’s pointless. For all you know, her family also didn’t like how Alison was behaving, who’s to say. 

However when you are actively doxxing them, where you are essentially forcing them to stop using Twitter, Facebook or even forcing them to take down their websites. From stopping them from doing something that they enjoy, then you are no freaking better than terrorists and are setting a bad example for everyone. You are literally causing harm and disrupting their way of life. Who exactly do you think you are why do you think that doing what you’re doing is necessary that it causes harm to someone? Their lives are just that, theirs. Not yours, not mine nor should they day-to-day have to consist of worrying about what people think about them or how someone is planning on tracking them down to do who knows what. This is well past creepy.  I don’t care if you feel that Alison Rapp is the worst person on the planet, because I got news for you… she isn’t. You all know this, especially if you live in this nice little place called the United States of America. 

Stop hiding behind or claiming this in the name of #Gamergate, as this isn’t even close. Someone needs to come to their senses and realize that what is being done her isn’t directly affecting Alison and instead you’re put the cross-hairs on an innocent family who has done nothing to you. Who has nothing to do with #Gamergate and people who don’t deserve to be dragged through the mud just so you can claim that it’s your job to right the wrongs of the internet and society. I sure as hell wouldn’t want my family to be bullied and harassed and I know you wouldn’t want the same for yours either, so why is Alison’s an exception?

Seriously people, it’s time to stop the madness. Enough is enough.

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Keith Mitchell
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