Hercules, (2016) Issue #5 Review

Hercules (2015-) 005-000Title: Hercules (2015) Issues #5
Author(s): Dan Abnett
Artist: Luke Ross
Cover Artist: Jay Anacleto
Publisher(s): Marvel
Language(S): English
Genre: Superhero
Release Date: March 30, 2016
Pages: 22

In the modern age, Hercules has become a laughing stock due to his squandering of his celebrity status and he wishes to amend his reputation in the eyes of the people. However, a storm has ascended upon New York, a new generation of gods who seek to eliminate the mythical creatures of old. After saving his former couch-potato friend, Gilgamesh, from being a ritual sacrifice, the great Hercules now faces the might of these new gods. Powerful blow after powerful blow, these new deities of the age of depravity prove themselves a match for the Lion of Olympus. Will these new gods finally beat the world’s first superhero, or will they realize why Hercules is called the Prince of Power?

While the comic does not advance the plot that much, comic writer Greg Pak and artist Luke Ross compensate by delivering an exciting clash of the gods, both old and new, particularly with Hercules. The fight scene between Hercules and the new gods is not only explosive but symbolic, especially with Ross’s use of splash pages. The unique powers of the new gods highlight the difference between the old and new divinities, pitting ancient weaponry and tactics against a mix of magic and technology. However, while one may favor the more modernized, technologically equipped gods, Hercules and his crew are unrelenting. It is a nice touch to finally see Gilgamesh pick up his mace and live up to his name and join the action.

So far, only one of the three new gods was given some form of characterization. Cryptomnesia, the god of technology, possesses an online-message-board-style speech pattern which can  be borderline jarring to somewhat funny at best. Catastrophobia, the god of war, seems to live up to his name and proves a near physical match for Hercules and showcasing unique, war-inspired abilities of his own.

Final Word:

The comic is one big fight scene where the old myths take a stand against the force they have been dreading, and it is quite enjoyable, even if the story aspect does take a bit of a back seat. However, near the end, the comic does entice the readers by showing their next move or rather their next target.

Don't mess with the Lion of Olympus

The action is the highlight of the comic, pitting the old and new gods against one another. Just goes to show that you that the son of Zeus is not put down so easily and the old gods still have some fight left in them. While the story is lacking in this issue it is enjoyable none the less.

  • Immortals do not go down hard!
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