More Final Fantasy XV Collector’s Editions Coming

For those who missed out on the 30,000 limited quantity Ultimate Collector’s Edition of the upcoming Final Fantasy XV game, then you are in luck… maybe.  Square-Enix has announced that more Ultimate Collector’s Editions of the game are being made, but the bad news is that these editions may not be ready for the September 30, 2016 launch, which means if you are a die-hard Final Fantasy fan and this is an absolute must-have for you then yes… you will be able to buy it, but it will be at the cost of not being able to play the game on launch day.

The company made several tweets about this and stated that one of the issues would lie in shipping and described the factors for the delay as something that is “out of their control.”  The Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Edition will contain a statue of Noctis from Play Arts, a steelbook case, an art book, a mini-soundtrack, postcards, DLC codes and more. The plan is to offer this through the Square-Enix store for $270 just like the first run.  The $90 Special Edition of Final Fantasy XV is still available everywhere and while you won’t get the Noctis statue, it still contains the majority of the goodies that the Ultimate Collector’s Edition has.

Final Fantasy XV is set to launch on September 30. Platinum Demo: Final Fantasy XV has launched so players can experience the systems of Final Fantasy XV beforehand and was touted as a separate story from the main game. The first episode of the Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV anime has also aired worldwide and the CG movie, Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV is slated for a July 9 release in Japan. No word on when the movie will be launched here in the U.S. Justice Warriors V, the mini game in Final Fantasy XV will be launching for Android devices in May.

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