Does Elgato Have a New Capture Device Incoming?

If you’re a person who streams or captures video game footage, chances are you’re using some sort of Elgato hardware. Whether it be the Elgato HD, Elgato HD60 or even the more recently released Elgato HD60 Pro (PCIe) card. Well if this is to be believed, especially since today is April Fools day, it seems like Elgato has something else cooking.

Now much is known about it just yet, however if you head over to the Elgato Twitter page, there is a post that simply states #Soon. 

Are we looking at the Elgato HD60 S or some other named device that will be making it’s way out soon? And how soon? Next week? The week after? Or perhaps even at the upcoming Pax East 2016 event. One thing is for sure, assuming this isn’t an April Fools joke, well find out #Soon enough.

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