Degica Games vs the Outerhaven in a Koihime Enbu Match! | PAX East 2016

What happens when an editor of the Outerhaven Productions goes up against a Degica Staff member in perhaps the first ever match featuring Koihime Enbu? Honestly, I have no idea but it will definitely be interesting. Watch as our own Clinton Bowman matches wits again Degica Games Staffer Jessie, in this first time ever recorded match of Koihime Enbu running on the PC, the newest release from Degica Games. 

However, they’ll be not only fighting each other but also analyzing the game as well as pointing out differences between Koihime Enbu and other anime fighting titles. Originally a Japanese only anime title that was released for the PlayStation 3 and 4, is now making its way to the PC sometime in May 2016, thanks to Degica Games.

Who will prevail?