Comic Book Corner Week of 4/1/16

Welcome back to Comic Book Corner everyone. Let’s kick off the the week with my recommendations of all comics & manga for the week of 4/1/16.

Nichijou Vol 1 – From the hit anime of the misadventures of Yuko and the gang comes the manga that inspired it all. If you like Azumanga Daioh, Lucky Star, or Haven’t you heard? I’m Sakamoto, this manga is definitely for you.


School Judgment: Gakkyu Hotei Vol. 2 – This manga series I recommend to those like Phoenix Wright, Case Closed (Detective Conan), and other legal drama series. School Judgment the cases are little more mundane side but the strength of the series is the suspense of how these cases are solved. Definitely worthy of a look at if having that legal itch.


We Are Robin Vol. 1: The Vigilante Business – Another hidden gem at DC. Yes we know DC is not the powerhouse it once was due to…. various reasons that will take a life time of explain to do. That still doesn’t mean they can still produce quality books. We Are Robin is essentially The Warriors meet Gotham. A group of young adults rocking Robin gear kicking the living @#$% out of street criminals, avoiding run ins with the law, & meeting Batman. Seriously check this book out. 


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Matthew "GetSelious" Paul "is an fighting game enthusiast and manga & comics aficionado. He enjoys a good read as long he can find one. He loves traveling to tournament venues and meeting and talking to new people. He is currently one of the Cohosts of the A-01 Podcasts and War Of Infinite Panels.