Blizzard Updated Tracer’s over the Shoulder Pose

Remember last week then the internet as well as us, made a big stink about Blizzard taking the axe to Tracer’s over the shoulder pose? This was in thanks to a comment about the pose from a post that was made on Blizzard’s Overwatch forum and apparently Blizzard wasn’t 100% sure on it prior to that. And while the pose was removed, the updated pose is even better. Posted recently by NeoGAF user, SteveO409, a new and updated pose for Tracer has made it into Overwatch. Oddly enough I didn’t hear anything about yet, nor did Blizzard announce it.

Here it is folks, the new over the shoulder look for Tracer. Tada!



And get this, everything that was in the previous pose is still there. Blizzard, I’ve been a fan for years upon years and even I doubted you there for a moment. Thank you for restoring my faith in you.

That said, it seems there’s no pleasing everyone as people are already complaining about the new post in yet a new post.


She’s all contorted in a way no human would stand? It’s a freaking pose. People don’t normally pose and when they do, well I’ve seen some really outrageous poses in my lifetime. Thankfully it seems that the new pose is widely accepted by the majority of the Blizzard forums, so that’s saying something.


Everyone else, what do you think about the updated pose?

Source: NeoGAF, Blizzard Forums

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