Virtual Reality Zone: Project I Can Heading to Tokyo

During this age of a technological boom, some are unable to enjoy the more expensive gadgets. The lack of affordable costs are the front-runner for why some may be a bit intimidated to open their wallets and splurge on a newly released product. Add that to constant upgrades in systems and some may feel that there is no point in buying a product now when it could be old news within a year. Why spend $600 on a brand-new virtual reality headset when you can wait and get a better one just a little further down the line?

The video game publisher Bandai Namco is hoping to remedy this situation with a new project.

On April 15th, Bandai Namco will be opening the new Virtual Reality Zone: Project i Can to the public.  The news came late last week via a public press release. The VR Zone entertainment center will be located in the island nation’s capital of Tokyo, Japan. With almost 6,000 square footage of indoor space, guests will have a spacial area designated for play while employees monitor and ensure the experiences are comfortable. The use of realistic props by the workers will accentuate the feeling of being in another world. 

Persons who may be interested in virtual reality but unable to purchase a headset for any reason will be able to test one out with several of the games and experiences available.

Below you can watch the official promotional video of Virtual Reality Zone: Project i Can:

Bandai Namco has six confirmed experiences for guests to enjoy at the center. These virtual reality events will include:

  • Fear of Heights Show: You must rescue a cat with just a thin plank supporting you from over 200 meters off of the ground.
  • RD: Real Drive: Drive a sports car like the pros on various tracks.
  • Escape Ward Ω: A terrifying horror experience set in a hospital ward.
  • Train Meister: Operate a train as the conductor for the JR Yamanote railway line.
  • Skii Rodeo: Tear through snow on your skiis as you ride down a steep cliffside.
  • Argyle Shift: Team up with a female companion while you battle from the cockpit of a giant mech.

The limited time period of Virtual Reality Zone: Project i Can will be open based on appointments. Interested parties can start making reservations as early as April 8th. If you aren’t able to make it to Japan between April and October, you might not have anything to fear. Bandai Namco plans on opening more VR locations that may be released in other locations around the world. One day in the future, you may be able to walk down the street from your house to a VR Zone similar to retro arcade buildings. For now, we will just have to wait and see.

Virtual Reality Zone: Project i Can will be open for a limited time from April 15th to mid-October. You can visit the official page here.

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