The cast photo of the new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers doesn’t seem very inspiring

While I don’t watch the Power Rangers shows as much as I used to, I was a huge fan of the series when it first aired in North America. It had style, it had teenagers with attitude, cool martial art moves, and of course some kick ass zoids. It was a show that I always made sure I didn’t miss, and yes that eventually meant that I went and saw the original two MMPR movies. Yes, and please don’t ask about them, thank you.

However, this official photo that shows off the cast of the new MMPR film, is well, rather underwhelming to say the least. Sure I can’t look into the future and for all I know, the movie is going to be great. Unfortunately, this picture is just lifeless, I mean, who is what ranger? The Power Rangers, even when they aren’t in costume, at least wore their colors to identify who they were, however in this picture who the heck is who? Is there a plaid ranger now? There’s three of them wearing black, are they all the black ranger?


Is this cast for the upcoming MMPR film or a clothes ad? I can’t tell.

Actually, let’s get this straight. The rangers are actually as follows;

Dacre Montgomery – Jason the Red Ranger, currently wearing a plaid shirt
Naomi Scott – Kimberly the Pink Ranger, currently wearing the leather jacket and black pants.
RJ Cyler – Billy the Blue Ranger…. yes folks, that’s the guy in the brown pants and vest. I’ll say nothing else.
Becky Gomez – Trini the Yellow Ranger, currently wear the green jacket and ripped pants.
Ludi Lin – Zack the Black Ranger, currently in the gray jacket.

Still no idea on who’s going to be the White Ranger and yes, there’s definitely going to be a White Ranger. Mark… my …words.

I’m a bit lost here. It’s a new age, a new time and I could care less about who’s cast as who. We got a female Thor, a black Captain America and Spiderman, a hispanic Ms Marvel, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. All positive changes, but you know what they do that this picture doesn’t? They show homage to the original character in one form or another. Something that this cast shot does not do and it makes the part of me that is still a MMPR fan a bit sad.

C’mon, make them iconic, make them recognizable, just don’t cast them as “Teenagers with Attitude”. Show some respect to the series and do it justice.

Sigh, this looks more like a damned clothes ad straight out of K-mart or Target…. sigh. Hopefully the upcoming stuff surrounding the movie is a bit more entertaining than this. 

There’s still no release date for the film other than it will be released sometime during 2017.

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